Truffle hunting demonstration

How is this carried out?

Are you ready for an unforgettable truffle hunting experience? Then I am the one you should turn to! Join me and my dog in one of the forests of Slovenian Istria, in which we are going to show you how truffle hunting looks – actually the dog is going to show you how this looks. You will learn when and where truffles grow, which types of truffles we are able to find in Slovenian Istria, how we search for truffles, what the basic conditions for the growth of truffles are, when we search for them, how we train a truffle hunting dog and more!

I am certain that after all the newly acquired knowledge you are going to want to taste the truffles. You can decide for a more extensive offer, which contains also a degustation of local delicacies, homemade Istrian pasta (fusi) with truffles and dessert. Wine enthusiasts are going to be pleased as well because besides good food you are going to taste some awarded wines of a local wine producer.

Additional information

Duration: 3 hours (demonstration with a truffle-based meal), 1 hour (demonstration without the meal)

Number of participants: 1–15 (with the meal), 1-40 (without the meal)

Location: Slovenian Istria, near the city of Koper


  • Transportation costs are not included.
  • Be dressed appropriately for the forest.
  • In case you have any food allergies, please let me know in advance.
  • The tour is free for children under 4 years of age; children aged 4-12 have a 50 % discount.
  • The tour is carried out throughout the whole year in Slovenian, Italian or English.


Demonstration with meal

130 € (1 person)
100 € (2 persons)
90 € (3–4 persons)
80 € (5–10 persons)
70 € (11–15 persons)

Demonstration without meal

100 € (1 person)
70 € (2 persons)
50 € (3–4 persons)
40 € (5–10 persons)
30 € (11–15 persons)


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